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Brunswick ME Housing Wrap-up for 2011

2012 January 11

Housing ReportThe Brunswick Maine residential real estate market saw a modest increase in median price to 203K. This is up just 2% year over year. Inventory has decreased throughout the greater Portland region, including Brunswick. This month just 96 homes are available down from 109 in December 2011. For the year, 183 homes were sold down from 200 in 2010.

Brunswick Maine is a southern mid-coastal town with a vibrant arts community. To check arts and cultural programs in the Brunswick area visit Frontier.

To learn more about living in the Greater Portland Region, including Brunswick contact John Herrigel directly by phone at 207-650-5383, or email him at johnherrigel@gmail.com

Town Feature: Woolwich Maine

2012 January 7

Woolwich is a Maine town located to the east of the city of Bath, across the Kennebec River. It is sometimes considered a suburb of Bath, and is considered part of the Portland metro area with an approximately 45 minute drive to the city of Portland. The town of Woolwich has a little below 3,000 residents. In this coastal Maine community homes have sold at an average of $169K during the 2011 year.

First settled in 1638, Woolwich Maine is more than just a suburban of Bath. The area has a rich history and is the location of many traditional businesses both of maritime origin as well as timber frame builders, potters, farmers, and many others. Woolwich is about 12 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, although the center of town is bordered by water. This Sagadahoc county town is located near Merrymeeting Bay, in which 5 rivers combine before merging with the sea.

For the more information about Woolwich homes and real estate , visit Mymaineproperty.com today!  The Herrigel Group are experts on and coastal Maine homes.  For fastest response, contact John Herrigel at 207-650-5383 or email John at JohnHerrigel@gmail.com

Town Feature: Damariscotta Maine

2012 January 3

The coastal town of Damariscotta Maine is positioned at the end of the Damariscotta River, as it meets the Great Salt Bay. Part of mid-coast region, Damariscotta is in Lincoln county. It is connected to the neighboring village of Newcastle by a bridge crossing the Damariscotta – these towns are sometimes called the Twin Villages. Damariscotta is located along route 1 about an hour’s drive from Portland ME.

The coastal town of Damariscotta Maine has a rich history since colonial times, and currently provides modern conveniences and utilities in its old fashioned village setting. This is a tourist-friendly area as well as the year-round home of residents who enjoy the close relationship with the natural world that this area provides.

To learn more about real estate in Damariscotta ME, and current real estate listings in this great coastal Maine community, visit the Herrigel group at myMaineProperty.com or contact John Herrigel by phone at 207-650-5383 or by email at johnherrigel@gmail.com

Town Feature: Boothbay Maine

2011 December 19

Boothbay MaineBoothbay is a picturesque coastal Maine town. About a half an hour’s drive from Bath – known as “The City of Ships” – Boothbay has both seasonal and year-round residents. Homes in Boothbay are priced at a median of 332K, with the few waterfront homes of Boothbay Harbor pricing at around 588K. Through the 2011 year, homes in Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor have sold in the mid 200s.

The Boothbay Harbor region is located on a peninsula, and features a rich history and culture revolving around the sea – lobstering, fishing, and shipbuilding are among the area’s traditional occupations. Boothbay is known for hospitality and excellent restaurants and boutiques; check out the Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber of Commerce for more information on business, the arts, and community in Boothbay.

For more information on real estate in Boothbay, and living in this great coastal Maine community or others in mid-coast Maine, visit the Herrigel group at myMaineProperty.com or contact John Herrigel by phone at 207-650-5383 or by email at johnherrigel@gmail.com

Brunswick ME Housing Update for Dec. 11

2011 December 12

Christmas CookiesIn November, 15 homes sold in the Brunswick Maine housing market. This was a 15% increase from last month at this time, although it was the same as November 2010. With a median price point of 189K, homes in the town of Brunswick depreciated year over year by 2%. The average number of days on the market for homes sold in November in Brunswick was 27 – a 74% yearly drop.

There is plenty to see and do in Brunswick during this holiday season. If you’re out on the town shopping, and you’re looking for a bite, check out Wild Oats Bakery – a Brunswick favorite year round, with a special holiday menu that is sure to please.

For more information about Brunswick homes and coastal Maine real estate, visit the Herrigel group at myMaineProperty.com or contact John Herrigel directly by phone at 207-650-5383 or by email at johnherrigel@gmail.com

Phippsburg Maine Nov Housing Update

2011 December 6

In Phippsburg a total of 2 homes were sold in the month of October. This represents a 33% drop in transaction volume year over year, although it is not possible to draw accurate meaning from such a small sample size.  The median price of Phippsburg ME homes for sale has risen to 420K. The average number days on the market for properties in Phippsburg has decreased since last year.

This housing update for Phippsburg homes has been brought to you by the Herrigel Group – specializing in coastal Maine real estate. To learn more about what is going on in the Phippsburg Maine housing market, reach out to John Herrigel: call 207.650.5383 or email John at johnherrigel@gmail.com

November Housing Update for Bath ME

2011 December 6

In the month of October 8 homes sold in the town of Bath. This is a 167% increase in the number of sales compared to Oct. 2010, and 33% gain month over month, although Bath’s small number of sales gives a small sample size. Inventory is up slightly month over month. The average price for homes in Bath decreased year over year from 117K to 104K.

This Bath Maine housing market update has been brought to you by the Herrigel Group – specializing in coastal Maine real estate. To learn more about Bath Maine homes for sale, reach out to John Herrigel directly: call (207)650-5383 or email John at johnherrigel@gmail.com

Housing Update for Freeport Maine, 3rd Quarter 2011

2011 October 27

spooky halloween spiderIn the Freeport Maine housing market, the 3rd quarter of 2011 saw 36 homes sold at a median sales price of 314K. This is a transaction volume increase of 38% compared with the third quarter of last year. This is slightly higher than average in coastal and southern Maine – throughout the region volume has been up compared to last year at this time. Stable pricing and list to sales ratio coming in around 96% show that a home in Freeport Maine priced at fair market value will sell.

This quarterly housing report was compiled by John Herrigel, a local Maine buyer’s agent with the Herrigel Group and Green Tree Realty. If you are interested in learning more about what’s going on in Freeport, check out the Spooky 5k in Freeport Sunday the 30th. For more info on Freeport Maine homes for sale contact John directly at 207-650-5383 or via email at johnherrigel@gmail.com

3rd Quarter Housing Update for Brunswick ME

2011 October 27

Girl in a witch halloween costumeThe residential real estate market of Brunswick Maine saw a 33% increase in transaction volume for the 3rd Quarter of 2011. Compared to the 36 transactions in the 3rd quarter of 2010, a total of 48 homes were sold during this quarter in Brunswick. This is similar to the greater Portland area, and through southern Maine sales increased an average of 20%. The median price for Brunswick ME homes increased to 202K – up 10%. Through southern Maine pricing was stable with a list to sales ratio in the area around 96%, so if priced properly homes in Brunswick will sell at fair market value.

What’s going on in Brunswick this week? Check out the Midcoast Youth Theater’s Halloween Party and Karaoke Night on Saturday, Oct. 29th, for all-ages fun in Brunswick. For more information Brunswick real estate visit the Herrigel Group at mymaineproperty.com – specializing in southern Maine residential real estate for sale. For direct contact about Brunswick ME homes for sale, contact John Herrigel by phone at 207-650-5383 or by email at johnherrigel@gmail.com

Bath Maine 3rd Quarter Housing Update

2011 October 14

market report graphFor the 3rd Quarter of 2011, the Bath Maine residential real estate market saw a 31% increase in transaction volume. With a total of 21 homes sold during this quarter, the town of Bath had an above average increase in sales for the region – coastal and southern Maine generally saw an approximately 20% increase in sales. Prices in Bath dropped 16% year over year, to 122K although through coastal Maine pricing was stable. List to sales ratio in the area has been around 97%, thus if priced properly a home in Bath should sell at fair market value.

Want to learn more about the art and culture of the town of Bath? Check out Markings Galley on Front St. in Bath to see the creations of contemporary local artists. For more information on real estate in Bath Maine check out mymaineproperty.com – The Herrigel Group specializes in coastal Maine homes for sale. For direct contact about Bath listings, contact John Herrigel by email at johnherrigel@gmail.com or by  phone 207-650-5383

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