How To Sell Your House To A Relative

First, you should make sure that your relative selling the home has talked with an accountant or financial consultant about any ramifications of selling the home to you. "Typically, I like to give the person buying the house the cheapest, most economical way possible," says Casey Moseman, loan officer at All Western Mortgage in Las Vegas.

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How To Sell a Home to a Family Member – – How To Sell a Home to a Family Member Sell the home at a small loss. Even so, you can still allow the relative a credit. Lodge a "quitclaim deed.". Quitclaim deeds are used to add the buyer’s name to the title of the home. Use seller financing. While only about 10% of people who sell their home.

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The Tax Consequences of a Sale of a House to a Relative. Generally, the Internal Revenue Service doesn’t care who you sell your house to. Whether it’s going to your son, your second cousin or a stranger, you’ll pay the same taxes and get the same treatment. However, there are a few special situations where the IRS takes a more careful look.