Ngb-22 Points Statement

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Category Army Navy Air Force Marine Corps Coast guard service computation dd-214 / DD-215. DD 214 N DD 214 DD 215 DD 214 N USNMISC DIS-REL-CERT DIS-REL-CERT-COR DD-214 DD-215 Category Army Navy Air Force Marine Corps O Coast Guard Service Computation Service Verification /. NGB 22 ngb 22a ngb 23 NGB 23-C NGB 23-D NGB 24 REL R DATA.

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Reservists – Retirement point statement and evidence of an honorable character of service. National Guard – NGB 22. Currently Serving Active & Reserves – Statement of Service letter. This document can be obtained from the veteran’s current command.

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Service Records and Proof of Your Eligibility To get your benefits, you have to prove to the VA that you are entitled to them. Sadly, they will not seek you out and give you a gigantic benefits package with everything done for you.

1. Army or Air National Guard NGB 22 Report of Separation and Record of Service. 2. Army Reserve DARP FM 249-2E Chronological Statement of Retirement Points. 3. Navy Reserve NRPC 1070-124 annual retirement point Record. 4. Air Force Reserve AF 526 Point Summary Sheet. 5. USMC Reserve NAVMC 798 Reserve Retirement Credit Report. 6.

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While it is somewhat erroneous to say so, you can consider the NGB 22 as the National Guard equivalent of a DD 214. The NGB 22 is verification of your National Guard service. Sadly, if you discharged from any other reserve component, there is no single-source document which proves your military service.

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Readbag users suggest that NGB 22-3 Nov 06 – Page 1 of 2 is worth reading. The file contains 2 page(s) and is free to view, download or print. The file contains 2 page(s) and is free to view, download or print.

Retirement Points via SMS. For Army Reserve personnel that were discharged or retired after 1990 only: If a request is received for a retirement point statement for the purposes of obtaining a VA Home loan and if the retirement point statement (DARP or ARPC Form 249) is not in the paper record; you can use SMS to check for the availability of.

Eligibility & Income. You don’t need to have your Certificate of Eligibility in hand to start the VA mortgage process. Once things are underway, lenders may be asking for a DD-214, a NGB-22 for National Guard members or a points statement and copy of discharge statement for Reservists.

o Incorporated DD 214/NGB 22 (Paragraph 4-7). Proposed changes.. RETIREMENT POINTS STATEMENT/. INITIAL APPOINTMENT.