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The rule of thumb is that refinancing is worth. The Refinance Rule of Thumb | The Truth About Mortgage – Only Refinance If the New Mortgage Rate is 2% Lower. For example, if your current mortgage rate is 6%, that rule would tell you refinance only if you could snag a rate of 4% or lower.

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What is refinancing, and when should you refinance your mortgage?. many real estate experts believe that this general rule of thumb no.

But many homeowners might be unaware that mortgage rates have declined so dramatically that they could save money by refinancing. One rule of thumb says to consider refinancing if you can cut the.

Refinancing your mortgage could mean spending less money in interest over the life of the loan. Here's how soon you can refinance.

The typical rule of thumb is that, if you can reduce your current interest. mean that you lack sufficient equity to satisfy a 20% down payment on the new mortgage. To refinance, you will be.

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The old rule of thumb used to be that you shouldn't refinance unless the new interest rate is at least two percentage points lower. However, many lenders are.

home appraisal for refinance The Purpose of the Home Appraisal for Refinancing | Shamrock. – But when you refinance, just about everything is dependent on the home appraisal. Why is this? It ensures that the mortgage lender does not.

Corporate Investors Mortgage Group, Inc. is a Mortgage Banker.. A historic "rule of thumb" is that it is worth the cost of refinancing if you can reduce your.

Mortgage Rule Of Thumb – Get fast mortgage refinance info now! This is where you can see if a deal fits your needs. The time to start is today. Go for it!

Home Mortgages and Home Buying Mortgage rule of thumb 1 2 gasdoc86 Participant status: physician posts: 40 Joined: 12/29/2017 OK quick question. The rule of thumb that I’ve seen around here is don’t buy a house worth more than 2-2.5x your annual income. So does this apply to the mortgage amount or house [.]

The traditional rule of thumb (which you should use with sparingly) for figuring out when to refinance is a basic breakeven analysis. This process allows you to figure out how long it will take to recuperate the closing costs you’ll have to pay to refinance.

But many homeowners might be unaware that mortgage rates have declined so dramatically that they could save money by refinancing. One rule of thumb says to consider refinancing if you can cut the.

what is a great credit score to buy a house If you’re wondering what credit score is needed to buy a house, it’s important to remember that the minimum score varies from lender to lender. If you have a good credit score, you should be able to get financing without a problem; if it’s bad, you could have a tough time getting a mortgage at all.